Jun 14, 2023

Alex Thusbass Takes Over the Management of Hepha

The e-bike manufacturer HEPHA is getting prominent reinforcement: With immediate effect, Alex Thusbass will steer the fortunes of the young e-bike brand as managing director and take charge of the strategic expansion of the company as well as the further development of the product portfolio.

"We are convinced that HEPHA will find a strong position in the market with a clever strategy mix of design, portfolio, quality and an above-average attractive price-performance ratio. Currently, in the e-bike market, high quality is only available at high prices, low prices mean low quality or the renunciation of certain features. With HEPHA, we want to fill exactly this gap and make electric mobility affordable for everyone," says Alex Thusbass.

Affordable prices have their price

Alex Thusbass still sees a lot of work ahead of him. HEPHA is not financed by investors, but relies on dynamic and organic growth from its own resources. All e-bikes are manufactured in Germany and equipped and final assembled with a drive system developed in-house. But these investments seem to have paid off so far: the P100 motor has not only convinced testers and magazines, but has also already won a Eurobike Award.

At this year's Eurobike, HEPHA will present itself to the trade for the first time with new models and a sharpened brand image. "Coming by to see the new products is worthwhile. We have a lot planned!" Those who know the Munich-based company know that a lot can be expected in the future.

Personal details

Munich-based Alex Thusbass is no stranger to the bike industry: he looks back on 15 years of experience and on almost forty design and innovation awards and is rightly considered one of the most influential designers as well as masterminds of the e-bike scene. In his role as Design Director and Marketing Lead, he developed the first commercially successful e-MTB for Haibike, the XDURO, and thus founded the e-MTB trend. He shaped an entire era of products and projects, such as the Haibike Design Center.

With the digital dealer platform BikeCenter, Alex Thusbass also co-founded the most successful digital POS to date and firmly established it in the bicycle market. Over the last three years, Alex Thusbass has built up the Munich studio of the international design and consulting agency KISKA. Today, a team of 25 designers and engineers works there, which developed the design for the HEPHA Trekking 7 as well as the brand identity during his time.