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JobRad x HEPHA: Making Company Bike Leasing Easy – Save Up to 40%!

Simply lease instead of buying: Together with our partner JobRad, the market leader in company bike leasing, we offer straightforward leasing options for company bikes. Thanks to favorable tax regulations, you can save significantly. We'll explain exactly how this works and how you can make use of it for your new HEPHA E-Bike!

How "Company Bike Leasing" Works

If your employer offers company bike adoption, you can lease an E-Bike through them. This bike will then be at your disposal for everyday use or leisure. The monthly company bike leasing rate is deducted directly from your gross salary, known as "salary conversion."

The clever part: The leasing rate reduces the gross salary and therefore the tax burden. This means you can save a significant portion of the taxes on the leasing value of your company bike E-Bike, up to 40% compared to direct purchase. Additionally, there are no extra costs, and you'll benefit from further advantages explained in the next section.

The Benefits of Company Bike Leasing

As mentioned before, you can save significantly through company bike leasing. It's no wonder it has quickly become one of the most popular financing methods!

How to Order Your JobRad through HEPHA


Inquiry with Your Company & Opening an Account

Check if your company already has an account with JobRad. For this, it's best to contact the responsible person in your company (usually handled by the HR department). There you will receive the web address for your employer's myJobRad portal. Please set up a user account in your name with your business email address.


Select Your Bike and Fill Out the Leasing Form.

Choose your desired HEPHA E-Bike. Then, fill out the form at the end of this page! Tip: Please use the same email address you provided during registration in the myJobRad portal.


We Create an Offer for You

We'll create a written offer for your HEPHA E-Bike and upload it to the myJobRad portal for you. You will be notified automatically.


Complete the Order

Follow the steps in the portal to complete the ordering process.


Order Approval

After approval from your employer and JobRad, your desired bike will be ordered and delivered to your home. Simply confirm the acceptance and start riding!

Benefits of JobRad service bike leasing

Up to 40% savings

Leasing a bicycle or e-bike through your employer is in most cases cheaper than buying it directly - because company bike leasing is tax subsidized . And: If your employer also subsidizes the rates, you can travel even cheaper!

Insurance included

Regardless of whether you have an accident on the road or your bike is stolen: with the included fully comprehensive insurance and mobility guarantee, you are well protected wherever you go.

Free use

You can use your leasing bike for both work and leisure purposes. You can drive it anywhere: to work every day, out in nature at the weekend and off on an adventure on vacation.

Calculate Your Personal Benefit Here

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Ready? Then submit your company bike leasing application for your JobRad here!