Hepha products come with a hassle-free warranty.

All products purchased from Hepha come with a hassle-free warranty.

1. 2-year warranty on the important components such as the motor, battery and charger, speed sensor, front and rear hubs, cassette sprocket, crank, chainwheel, handlebars, stem, seat post, fork, front and rear lights and other important non-consumable core parts, in accordance with the statutory provisions. We will also cover the shipping and handling charges for returning the repaired or replaced product covered by warranty policy.

2. Over and above the statutory warranty, Hepha also provides an extended manufacturer guarantee for the cycle frame. The Guarantee periods are as follows for models onwards, starting on the date of purchase by the original buyer:
— for aluminum frames: 5 years

3. This warranty is only valid if the following requirements are met:

● You are the first owner of the bike and a valid proof of purchase is required when making a warranty claim.

If you are the 2nd user, the warranty term is calculated from the original date of delivery from Hepha or authorised retailers. The 1st owner purchase proof must be attached.

Valid proof of purchase:

● Order number from online purchases made through Hepha

● Sales invoice

4. Warranty coverage:

● The warranty covers defects in workmanship and material and all original non-wear and tear components.

5. Exclusion range of warranty

● Wear parts like chain or belt, brake pad and brake disc, inner tubes and tyres, brake fluid, rims, handles, saddle, front and rear fender sets, pedals, kickstand and carrier are not part of the 2-year warranty, but we still guarantee the non-defects in workmanship and material when you receive the products from Hepha or authorised retailers.

● The warranty likewise excludes all damage resulting from insufficient care and maintenance, excessive wear, accidents, cycle overloading, components fitted incorrectly, and cycle alterations through the attachment and modification of additional components.

● The warranty also does not apply if the cycle is used for improper sports activities, such as performing jumps for which the cycle category was not intended, in the event of any other type of overuse, and in cases where recommendations contained in our original operating manual or made by our retailer are disregarded.

● This warranty does not affect any further claims which you may be entitled to make against the retailer under the statutory guarantee, such as your right to a discount, return or compensation. The warranty and guarantee rights coexist. This warranty will expire and not restart in the event that a frame is replaced under warranty.

● When purchasing your cycle, under this warranty or any other problems must be addressed exclusively to the retailer from whom you purchased your cycle. To ensure these are handled smoothly, full proof of purchase and cycle documents must always be submitted. The retailer will then contact us for further action if necessary. Should you authorize another retailer to submit a claim, further costs may be incurred as a result. These costs are your own responsibility and will not be covered by us.HEPHA GmbH reserves the right to charge a handling fee for unjustified complaints.

If your product turns out to have a defect during its warranty period, please contact us via the feedback form and let us know what we can do to help you. The Feedback Form