About Hepha

About Hepha

HEPHA GmbH was founded in May 2021 in Germany and one of the company’s factory is in Maisach (near Munich). We design, develop and assemble e-bikes, focusing for the moment on EU markets.

The name "HEPHA" is an abbreviation of "HEPHAISTOS", the name of the Greek god of fire and crafts. HEPHA shares a common goal with him: to improve life through technology and art. Because unlike the other Olympian gods, who used their divine power purely, Hephaestus used both technology and art to take his own destiny into his own hands. The combination of high-tech and design is also the key for HEPHA to inspire a growing community with contemporary mobility products. The development and the entire design process took place in Germany. Final assembly takes place at various production sites worldwide, one of which is in the new plant in Maisach near Munich.

Designed in Germany

The design of the HEPHA Trekking 7 is dominated by clear, dynamic and interlocking main lines, balanced proportions and, above all, by the integrative shape transitions, which are very unusual for an aluminum frame. In contrast to conventional frames, the frame appears to be made of one piece, without the otherwise hard butting tubes. A subtle interplay of gently stretched surfaces and accentuated edges gives the frame a self-confident but unobtrusive character. The graphic concept is also based on a reduced but strong gesture with the color surface as a contrast to the frame. The HEPHA Trekking 7 won the German Design Award 2023 and Design & Innovation Award 2023.

All the Hepha E-Bikes are finally assembled in Germany and have been 100% manually tested before delivery.

Free Delivery & Return

Delivery & Return cost of the bike is fully covered by Hepha. You have no worries for it.

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14 Days Return Guarantee

We offer you the opportunity to test ride our e-bikes for up to 14 days.

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Long Term Warranty

2 years warranty on the important components such as the motor, battery, display, handlebar.

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