Hepha E-Bike brand symbol in dark purple
Image combination of an E-Bike Hepha Trekking 7 Long Range and a symbolic image featuring a young woman.

HEPHA Trekking 7 Long Range

Our Award-Winning Trekking E-Bike with an impressive range of up to 200km. Secure 200 Euro promotion bonus now!

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Image combination of an E-Bike Hepha Trekking 7 Performance and a symbolic image featuring a young man.

HEPHA Trekking 7 Performance

Our trekking e-bike with powerful 90Nm mid-motor - for the perfect balance of range and dynamics

Hepha E-Bike brand symbol in light blue
Image combination of an e-bike Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra and a symbol image with a smiling middle-aged man.

HEPHA Trekking 7 Ultra

The ultimate powerhouse with 100 Nm - for maximum dynamics and driving pleasure

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100% assembled in Germany

Free shipping

Growing dealer network

2-year warranty

14-days returns

This is what the press says about


Hepha E-Bike brand symbol in light greenHepha Ebike Trekking 7 sand frame and mid drive on a red background

"Unbelievable, truly unbelievable how much quality you can get for such a reasonable price."


Hepha E-Bike brand symbol in light greenHepha Trekking 7 Performance ebike and ElektroRad price-performance winner symbol

"Motor power, aesthetics, price: Hepha Trekking 7 Performance stands out with its top-notch frame craftsmanship."

ElektroRad, 01/23

Hepha E-Bike brand symbol in light greenHepha Trekking 7 e-bike and Downtown magazine logo

"With the Trekking 7, Hepha has unquestionably made a mark in the E-Bike market!"


Hepha E-Bike brand symbol in light greenHepha Trekking 7 P100 mid drive E-bike on a yellow background

"... for under 3,000 EUR, it's hard to find a model that's as excellently crafted as this one..."


E-bikes from Germany: Learn more about HEPHA

Iconic symbol of Maisach Germany

E-bikes from Munich

We are a fresh, new brand based in Maisach near Munich. We create outstanding E-Bikes with exceptional quality at astonishing prices.

Hepha e-bike symbol in the colors of the German flag

100% Assembled in Germany

Quality is paramount for us. That's why we assemble our E-Bikes exclusively in Germany!

Logos of Reddot, German design award, Eurobike award and Design and innovation award

Recipient of Numerous Awards

The visual appeal of HEPHA E-Bikes is evident in the four Design and Innovation Awards we've received in 2023 alone.

E-bike Price-performance winner symbols for Hepha Trekking 7 from ElecktroRad, BikeBild and Imtest

Price-performance winner

High quality at reasonable prices – this has convinced many in relevant comparison tests. HEPHA has consistently been honored as the value-for-money champion!

The drive system of Hepha E Bikes, consisting of motor, battery, and display.

Powerful, reliable and efficient: The HEPHA P100 drive train

We craft complete E-Bikes – and that includes our own drive system. Its quality has garnered significant attention:

"Hepha's motor performs on the test bench just as well as Bosch's top model, Performance CX. Wow!"


"Surpasses (...) all common and frequently used motors."


"If the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra were a superhero, the DU-P100 motor would be its superpower."


"... combines power and impressive range with ease and compact size... An outstanding product..."

Eurobike Award Jury Statement

The map in the Hepha Bike app displayed on a mobile phone.

Full control: The app for your HEPHA e-bike

Unlock the full potential of your HEPHA E-Bike with our free app. Record your rides, configure your E-Bike, and get assistance for your queries. Curious?

The motor settings in the Hepha Bike app displayed on a mobile phone.

Perfect Customization: Adjust Motor Settings

Our HEPHA App lets you tailor the motor perfectly to your needs. No technical knowledge required. Values are adjusted using sliders, loaded onto the E-Bike, and tested. Done! The same applies to all other system settings, conveniently adjustable through the app!

The service help section of the Hepha Bike app on the display of a mobile phone.

Quick Assistance: The Service Section

If something isn't working, our HEPHA App is here to help. The service section provides explanations and step-by-step guides for any error messages. You'll find all relevant information crucial for HEPHA service there too.

The software update function in the Hepha Bike app displayed on a mobile phone.

Stay Up-to-Date: System Updates

Software updates are crucial. With the HEPHA App, you can easily perform these updates yourself at any time, keeping the motor, battery, or display software up-to-date. This ensures the drive system remains technologically current.

The riding data analysis in the Hepha Bike app displayed on a mobile phone.

Well-Informed: Ride Recording and Analysis

All your rides are stored in the app. You can review your rides and access detailed analyses with insightful information.

So, which one will be yours?






Ideal for those seeking the perfect all-rounder for daily life and leisure with maximum range.






The powerful engine with 90 Nm gives a plus in performance. Power and range form the perfect balance for everyday life and touring.






The ultimate powerhouse: The extra-strong engine with 100 Nm ensures even more driving pleasure - whether for sporty everyday driving or touring in challenging terrain.

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For test drives, it is best to visit a HEPHA dealer near you.

There you can not only test drive the HEPHA e-bike, but you will also receive the perfect service and comprehensive advice.

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