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Trekking 7


Discover the balanced mix of dynamics, sporty looks and comfort with the HEPHA Trekking 7 Performance and its easily accessible low-step frame. Equipped with a powerful motor and a reliable battery, this model is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best of sporty looks and comfort.

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2.999 €

-200 € until 15.04.24

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Experience dynamic comfort with HEPHA Trekking 7 Performance step-through. Powered by HEPHA P101 motor and 708 Wh battery, perfect for all tours - leisure or daily use!

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Dynamic and comfortable.

The Performance version offers the perfect blend of the two sister versions, Long Rang and Ultra. With a powerful 90 Nm, the engine provides dynamic support, whether off-road or in the city. The seamlessly welded premium aluminum frame is a visual highlight.

  • Premium frame with seamless transitions
  • Powerful 90 Nm motor
  • Battery with 708 Wh capacity
  • 6 A fast charger
  • 10-speed Shimano Cues gears
  • MIK HD luggage carrier, also suitable for child seats!
  • Assembled in Germany

design & performance.

Our aim is to make design, quality and performance accessible to all. We are therefore all the more pleased that this ambition has been recognized with numerous awards!

2023_er_01_Testurteile_PL_sg 3.png__PID:f349b357-7ef7-430e-b9cc-3ba8aa703a61HEPHA_BikeBild_Seal 1.png__PID:1cf9229f-ed17-4178-91b7-8d7defadaf34DI 1.png__PID:577ef7d3-0e79-4c3b-a8aa-703a61e8231cGDA23_HO_MC_RGB 1.png__PID:d81cf922-9fed-47f1-b8d1-b78d7defadaf2560px-Reddot_design_award_logo 1.png__PID:3ed81cf9-229f-4d17-b178-d1b78d7defad


Frame 382.jpg__PID:7f2659c0-6ef3-455b-8c5f-3883942a062b

90 Nm motor

The particularly powerful 90 Nm HEPHA P101C motor is one of the most powerful and efficient on the market!

Frame 383.jpg__PID:16fd578a-7f12-4584-b9b3-fda9267a783a

708 Wh battery

The Performance's battery is perfectly integrated into the frame and offers 708 Wh capacity with state-of-the-art cell technology. It can be removed or charged on the bike.

Frame 409.jpg__PID:65682f0f-3d7b-4e5f-8758-421085faed38

Premium Seamless Alloy Frame

A particular highlight is the premium aluminum frame, which looks as if it is made from a single piece thanks to its elaborately machined weld seams.

Frame 377.jpg__PID:6ef3655b-0c5f-4883-942a-062b613c5925

6 A fast charger

Quickly mobile again - no problem with our standard HEPHA quick charger. With its 6 A, it charges almost 1.5 times faster than conventional chargers. It can be used both on the road and as a detachable wallbox at home!

Frame 376.jpg__PID:7116fd57-8a7f-4295-8439-b3fda9267a78

3.5" display

The extra-large 3.5" display is clearly visible and centered in the driver's field of vision. Thanks to the high-quality IPS technology, it is very easy to read even in bright light.

Frame 373.jpg__PID:87a1bd1d-ecbe-4d60-9893-24885e07fbf8

Special e-bike suspension fork

The Suntour NEX-25 with its 63 mm suspension travel provides additional comfort, dampens vibrations and compensates for bumps.

Frame 384.jpg__PID:857116fd-578a-4f12-9584-39b3fda9267a

10-speed gearshift

With the reliable Shimano Cues gears and its 10 gears, every tour or mountain loses its terror.

Frame 369.jpg__PID:24885e07-fbf8-4a53-951a-9a503ef9ccdd

Hydraulic disc brakes

The two hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm brake discs at the front bring you safely to a halt at all times.

Frame 381.jpg__PID:87dae039-085c-4b55-83b1-c9236490519f

Multifunctional luggage carrier

The robust pannier rack always has a solution at hand: whether for panniers on the side or for quickly clicking in baskets thanks to the universal Carry-More interface.

Frame 374.jpg__PID:86774a26-a773-4041-8a19-52ad4d1268da

Automatic light sensor

The light on your Trekking 7 is controlled fully automatically by a light sensor. This is particularly practical in suddenly changing light conditions, such as tunnels!

Frame 380.jpg__PID:9a503ef9-ccdd-4457-9e29-87dae039085c

Smart APP

With the HEPHA APP, you can unlock the full potential of your e-bike: record rides, configure your e-bike, update your system or get help with questions.


Frame & Geometry

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Frame 178.jpg__PID:d11f88fd-8751-4843-bcc0-490ec6bf8345

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Save power, go further.

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Power pack for winners.

Accessories & upgrades

Frame 178.jpg__PID:d11f88fd-8751-4843-bcc0-490ec6bf8345

Kapazitätsstarker 708Wh Akku

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Hepha Headlight LF25 100LUX

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Frame 180.jpg__PID:f6b81c21-63d0-4ff5-85eb-07ed02178a23

Beto Mini Pump Transformer 20

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Frame 181.jpg__PID:02178a23-3247-4d01-91f8-101deb6fe7dc

Hepha Headlight LF29 60LUX

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