Hepha test ride program

In order to provide you with a better experience, now Hepha test ride program is available in Germany. In each of the locations, you are warmly welcomed to try one of our Trekking 7 E-Bikes.

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Hepha Maisach Factory

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Now our test ride service is available in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Maisach and Frankfurt. We will try our best to provide more city options in the next steps.

The Test Ride Program is held by our selected professional partners. It is free within the 1st hour ride. If you want to have a riding experience longer than 1 hour, you could also choose to pay €25 per day to our Test Ride partners.

How it works

Choose your city

Please kindly check the test ride availability in your city.

Choose your E-Bike

Please kindly choose your preferred E-Bike in your city. In each location we provide Ultra, Peformance and Longrange versions.

Choose a date and time slot

Please visit our partner's website and login in to choose your date and time slot. Please kindly note that an online booking is needed before your visit.

Enjoy your ride

Please kindly be sure on time. The first hour test ride is for free.