Together towards the future

Are you interested in Hepha and contemplating becoming a dealer? Here are some compelling reasons why it's a fantastic opportunity!

Benefits to become a dealer

Attractive Products

We offer highly attractive products with an unparalleled quality-to-price ratio in the market.

Quality - Made in Germany

We exclusively manufacture our products in Germany, placing a strong emphasis on quality across all aspects. This commitment extends not only to our technology but also to our services, among other areas.

99% Assembled

Your Hepha E-Bikes will be delivered to you 99% assembled and in perfect condition. Every bike undergoes a test ride and is minimally disassembled for transportation, ensuring a seamless experience that saves you time and eliminates any unnecessary hassle.

Brand marketing

Strong brands drive sales and attract customers. That's why we prioritize significant investments in marketing, communication, and PR to drive traffic to your shop.

Online and Offline

The future lies in the smart integration of online and offline channels. That's precisely where we begin, working hand in hand with our dealers.

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