Dec 21, 2022

Hepha Trekking 7 launches in Germany

With The Trekking 7, Hepha presents an affordable complete package of design, function and equipment.

Do good e-bikes have to keep getting more expensive? They are the drivers of a new hybrid locomotion, however, many e-bikes have such high price points that they are often no longer affordable for consumers. Many customers therefore have to opt for cheaper alternatives, which are associated with compromises in equipment, such as smaller batteries, weaker motors or the lack of color displays and app integrations.

HEPHA puts an end to this development with the new Trekking 7. The aim is to make high-quality micromobility affordable for everyone! This is made possible by high-tech production with intelligent automation processes. The HEPHA Trekking 7 is a total package of design, function and features at a quality and price level that is hard to find on the market.