Feb 02, 2023

Hepha Trekking 7 Wins German Design Award

The Trekking 7 from Hepha convinced the international expert jury of the German Design Awards! The e-trekking bike received a “Winner” award in the “Excellent Product Design” category. 

The HEPHA Trekking 7 is the perfect overall package of design, functionality, smart features and an outstanding price-performance ratio. The team behind it has set itself the goal of making micromobility affordable for every cyclist. The German Design Council recognizes this approach and gives the newcomer in the bike industry a »Winner« award. This year, eleven nationalities were represented on the jury of the German Design Award 2023, who awarded prizes to the best products in each category from over 4,500 submitted products. It is made up of design experts from business, teaching and science as well as the design industry. All jury members are recognized personalities in their fields.

The German Design Award places the highest demands on the determination of its award winners

In a nomination process, expert committees of the German Design Council only invite products and communication design services to participate in the competition that can be proven to stand out from the competition thanks to their design quality.

The HEPHA Trekking 7 expresses modern understatement. 

The design is dominated by clear, dynamic and interlocking main lines, balanced proportions and, above all, by the integrative shape transitions, which are very unusual for an aluminum frame. In contrast to conventional frames, the frame appears to be made of one piece, without the otherwise hard butting tubes. A subtle play of gently stretched surfaces and accentuated edges gives the frame a self-confident but unobtrusive character. The graphic concept is also based on a reduced but strong gesture with the color surface as a contrast to the frame.