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Mountain 7

Long Range

The Long Range version is the perfect entry into the Mountain 7 Carbon segment. It offers a perfect balance between performance and range. With its extremely robust carbon frame and components, it is designed for demanding rides in various types of terrain. So it's ready for any adventure!

4.199 €

4.199 €

-200 € until 15.04.24

Price including VAT, free shipping

  • Assembled in Germany
  • Free shipping
  • 14 days right of return
  • 99 % assembled
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Fun, efficiency & range!

The "Long Range" version is the entry-level version of the Mountain 7 Carbon. It is designed for maximum range and cost efficiency. Thanks to the balanced geometry, the clever equipment and the high-performance drive, the Long Range delivers what many others only offer at a significantly higher cost.

  • 29" carbon frame with 4-link Virtual Pivot rear triangle
  • Powerful 80 Nm motor
  • Battery with 708 Wh capacity
  • 6 A fast charger
  • 10-speed Shimano Cues gears
  • 150 mm suspension travel
  • Assembled in Germany

Fun Machine.

The Mountain 7 Carbon is ideal for a variety of terrain, from challenging climbs and fast descents to fun on narrow trails. Its powerful yet efficient drive enables long-lasting riding fun. A real fun machine!


Frame 394.jpg__PID:afadc92a-ddf6-4ce8-abaa-0f32eb8b9573

80 Nm motor

The HEPHA P101 motor offers enough power with its 80 Nm and is still extremely efficient, which benefits both the range and the continuous performance.

Frame 395.jpg__PID:feafadc9-2add-46bc-a8eb-aa0f32eb8b95

708 Wh battery

The battery of the Long Range is perfectly integrated into the frame and offers 708 Wh capacity with the latest cell technology. It can be removed or charged on the bike.

Frame 396.jpg__PID:a9a2feaf-adc9-4add-b6bc-e8ebaa0f32eb

Carbon Frame

Light, stiff and robust: these characteristics of the Ultra's carbon frame make it the perfect partner for the high-performance drive unit.

Frame 397.jpg__PID:a2feafad-c92a-4df6-bce8-ebaa0f32eb8b

4-Link Virtual Pivot suspension system

This special system offers an excellent balance between traction and sensitivity as well as independence from braking influences. This guarantees maximum control even on the roughest trails.

Frame 398.jpg__PID:f7a9a2fe-afad-492a-9df6-bce8ebaa0f32

1.96" display

The sporty display sits well protected to the left of the stem. Thanks to the high-quality IPS technology, it is very easy to read even in bright light.

Frame 390.jpg__PID:49f9338a-37ce-4ce2-af07-23e6e3ce69aa

Rock Shox Recon Silver with 150 mm

With a lightweight magnesium crown, precise Motion Control damper and adjustable settings for air pressure and damping, this suspension fork offers plenty of customization and control on any trail.

Frame 377.jpg__PID:6ef3655b-0c5f-4883-942a-062b613c5925

6 A fast charger

Quickly mobile again - no problem with our standard HEPHA quick charger. It charges almost 1.5 times faster than conventional chargers. It can be used both on the road and as a detachable wallbox at home!

Frame 399.jpg__PID:2dcf52de-782f-4203-9028-dbd90640b8c1

10-speed Shimano cues

This shifting system, which is specially approved for e-bikes, enables perfect shifting even in adverse conditions. Thanks to its flat design, it minimizes the risk of collisions with stones or branches.

Frame 400.jpg__PID:52de782f-e203-4028-9bd9-0640b8c1a912

Shimano BR-MT410 disc brakes

The hydraulic Shimano BR-MT410 with its 2-piston design ensures reliable deceleration and a long service life. It is also characterized by a first-class response and quick piston return.

Frame 380.jpg__PID:9a503ef9-ccdd-4457-9e29-87dae039085c

Smart APP

With the HEPHA APP, you can unlock the full potential of your e-bike: record rides, configure your e-bike, update your system or get help with questions.


Frame & Geometry

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Accessories & upgrades

Frame 178.jpg__PID:d11f88fd-8751-4843-bcc0-490ec6bf8345

Kapazitätsstarker 708Wh Akku

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Frame 179.jpg__PID:83450342-b99b-4048-8037-e31df6b81c21

Hepha Headlight LF25 100LUX

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Beto Mini Pump Transformer 20

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Frame 181.jpg__PID:02178a23-3247-4d01-91f8-101deb6fe7dc

Hepha Headlight LF29 60LUX

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