Jun 06, 2023

Pedelecs & E-Bikes: Hepha trekking 7 Ultra is a powerful E-Trekking bike and a price breaker

In mid-April, we proudly launched our superior version of Trekking 7: the Hepha Ultra. With top-of-the-line components and a powerful 100 Nm torque motor, the Ultra version delivers the best riding experience among all versions of Trekking 7, especially for conquering challenging conditions and steeper slopes. If you're seeking an unparalleled riding experience, the Ultra version is your best choice.

Recently, Pedelecs&E-Bikes conducted a thorough test ride of our Ultra version and was highly impressed by its outstanding performance and reasonable price. They labeled our Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra as a powerful E-Trekking bike and a price breaker.

Here's what they said


The Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra is an e-bike offered at a competitive price; that much is clear. At less than 3,000 euros, it's challenging to find a model of such high quality with the described abundance of performance and functionality. From our perspective, a significant downside is the motor control, which likely operates based on speed rather than torque, diminishing the advantages of a pedelec. While it may be enjoyable to effortlessly ride up inclines, in the long run, it won't provide users with the physical benefits that frequent pedelec use can offer. In our opinion, the comprehensive equipment and low price cannot overshadow this drawback. Therefore, we give the Trekking 7 Ultra a reserved "Good" rating.


•  Beautifully designed, clean frame
•  Powerful engine
•  Large battery
•  Fast charger
•  Comprehensive equipment
•  Manufactured in Germany
•  Attractive price


•  Speed-controlled motor control
•  Minor weaknesses in detail

Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra in Detail

The tested Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra features an aluminum frame with seamlessly smoothed seams during production. The e-bike leaves a high-quality impression right from the first glance, further enhanced by its excellent craftsmanship.

The design, developed with the support of Munich-based Kiska design studio, earned the German Design Award 2023, receiving a "Winner" award in the "Excellent Product Design" category this February.

One can observe the brand's alignment with industry leaders by examining the integrated components, particularly the self-developed mid-engine. At the customer's request, it surpasses common and frequently installed engines, delivering up to 100 Nm (minimum 80 Newton meters) depending on the configuration.

The engine is neatly integrated into the frame and powered by a removable, lockable 708 watt-hour battery housed within the frame. Hepha provides a quick charger with 6A charging capacity, allowing the battery to recharge in approximately four hours.

The Trekking 7 Ultra comes with a large color display mounted in the middle, offering clear visibility and providing abundant information. The operation can be done directly on the detachable display or via a compact switch unit on the left handlebar grip, enabling the selection of support levels and the activation of the pushing aid.

It's also possible to connect to the drive system via a smartphone and use the Hepha app to customize the individual support levels. The app offers additional features like ride tracking, using the smartphone as an e-bike key, and more.

The manufacturer combines the powerful drive with a 10-speed derailleur from the Shimano Deore series. For the brake system, they use the Tektro Gemini SL (M535), combined with 180 mm front and 160 mm rear brake discs.

The Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra is equipped with a simple SR Suntour suspension fork, providing 63 mm of spring travel per coil for enhanced comfort. However, the brand does not use other spring elements such as a spring seat post.

The stem is angle-adjustable, allowing adaptation to the respective user, although the frame is only available in two sizes (M and L). However, further gradation via the frame shape ensures that the e-bikes can fit individuals from 1.60 m to 1.95 m.

The Hepha e-bike is also equipped with in-house designed handles and saddle, an LED lighting system from AXA with automatic lighting, plastic mudguards, a luggage rack with spring clamp and rails for side bags, and a rear stand.

During the test ride

Right from the first few meters in Munich, the Hepha DU-P100 drive impressed with its sheer performance and restrained noise development. However, in the English Garden, it was not possible to observe how the drive's power output is regulated.

In our local environment, we have plenty of routes where we can thoroughly test this. The 100 Nm drive provides robust support and effortlessly propels the e-bike, weighing almost 27 kg, up to 25 km/h while maintaining smooth regulation.

However, this does not require the rider to exert much effort since steep climbs can be conquered without applying force. Unfortunately, this mode of operation makes the Hepha drive more akin to a moped than a pedelec, undermining the potential fitness benefits for its owner over time.

We understand that many people enjoy the ease of riding effortlessly. However, most people switch to bicycles or e-bikes to improve their health and fitness.

This is precisely what the Hepha does not support due to the way the drive is controlled, encouraging users to rely almost entirely on the drive motor's 100 Nm of torque.

The large battery should be sufficient for most routes and can be quickly recharged. Removing the battery protection and detaching the battery is quick and easy.

The drive components are based on leading participants in the industry. The display is said to be manufactured at the same place as Bosch eBike Systems, evident in its quality. The functionality, including readability, is excellent, except for the keys, which lack a clear pressure point.

While the saddle and grips look nice, they may not provide the necessary comfort and ergonomic support for long-distance rides. In a usage profile involving many extended tours, replacing these components would be advisable, and considering a suspension seat post or a lowerable version could also be beneficial.

The Kenda tires on the 27.5" wheels offer good grip and light cushioning. Despite the suspension fork, rough bumps reach the user fairly unfiltered. We particularly liked the Tektro brake system, which delivers a powerful performance. However, heavier users might face a challenge with the small rear brake disc on longer descents.

The full test report can be found on Pedelecs&E-Bikes