Mar 08, 2023

ElektroBike: Hepha trekking 7 is an excellent trekking e-bike with a powerful drive system

In the Electric Bike Trekking E-Bike test, our Trekking 7 received a rating of "excellent" with 768 points. The editors confirmed the excellent handling of our product and stated that the Hepha Trekking 7 is an outstanding trekking e-bike equipped with a powerful motor and a long-lasting battery.

Hepha has always been committed to providing our customers with the best possible riding experience within a reasonable price range. From product design to customer service, we strive for excellence. That's why our Trekking 7 has received positive comments from various areas. Recently, ElektroBike tested our Trekking 7 and gave us nice feedback.

Here's what ElektroBike said:


The Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra is a great tourer: powerful motor with a generous battery, confident handling, well-designed equipment. It's suitable for tours from flatlands to mountains.


Powerful drive, customization via app
Precise workmanship with carefully sanded welds
Good straight-line stability
Well-designed equipment and grippy, rainproof tires


No bottle holder drillings on the frame

Further comments

“Munich-based manufacturer Hepha is new to the e-bike business. The Bavarians made the premiere with their trekking e-bike: Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra. We are amazed when we receive it: the bike is delivered to us in end-customer packaging.

Is the final assembly difficult? The bike is well-packaged in the box and can be pulled out without outside help. Great: all necessary tools for assembly are included! Only the saddle and seat post need to be adjusted, the handlebar/stem need to be positioned, and the front wheel needs to be installed. Everything else is already fully functional. The accompanying illustrated guide explains each step in detail. Even for inexperienced users, assembly takes only 30 minutes.

Soon, the first test ride with the elegant tourer follows, whose drive system comes from their own company: The Hepha P100 mid-motor delivers a whopping 100 Nm in the performance model, which fully unfolds on steep climbs: Tester and Hepha effortlessly ascend the steep mountain with a cadence of 90 and just under 25 km/h. The P100's sensor technology responds sensitively to varying pedal forces and provides a consistent pedal stroke.

On the trip, the Kenda tires show that they grip well on wet roads and also bring the bike safely through the curves at over 60 km/h. The Hepha proves confident straight-line stability and very good Tektro brakes. The fork only smooths out rough bumps, while the 2.2" wide tour-profiled Kendas handle finer bumps with ease.”

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