We have spent years in the field to build an e-bike that could perform well in any terrain and value for money. We strive to build high quality e-bikes and provide excellent customer service. Members of the HEPHA team have years of experience in the bike industry. From the selection of various components to the painting of frame to the assembly of the whole bike, HEPHA strictly controls the quality of each production link. Every bike is subjected to rigorous individual tests before being sold. We hope that through our efforts, more people would enjoy the fun of riding high-quality e-bikes.

Free Delivery & Return

Delivery & Return cost of the bike is fully covered by Hepha. You have no worries for it.

14 Days Return Guarantee

we offer you the opportunity to test ride our e-bikes for up to 14 days

Long Term Warranty

2 years warranty on the important components such as the motor, battery, display, handlebar.

Love To Cycle

For us, cycling means much more than just getting around and keeping fitness. Cycling is freedom, courage, passion, desire to discover, and innovation that never stops. Cycling is more than a interest or hobby; it is a lifestyle.