Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I test a HEPHA bike?
A:  The test ride is stopped due to the covid.

Q: Where can I buy a HEPHA e-bike?
A: You can choose whether you want to buy via the HEPHA Amazon Shop,HEPHA eBay shop or the BikeExchange shop.
Click here to enter the shop:
HEPHA Amazon Shop
HEPHA eBay Shop
HEPHA BikeExchange shop


Q: How much assembly is required when my bike arrives?
A: We already completed 98% of the assembly before shipping. All you have to do is install the foot pedal and perform the simple adjustment of the saddle and handlebars.E-bikes are delivered with the battery charged to 30%.
Q: How long will delivery take?
A: Our processing time is 1-2 working days. And the delivery time for Germany is 2-4 working days.
Please note that there are no deliveries on Sundays and public holidays. Orders that reach us on Friday afternoons will not be processed until Monday.
Q: What are the costs for bike shipping and packaging?
A: Free shipping within Germany.
Q: I ordered my bike a while ago. The current delivery date on the website does not match my order confirmation. Does the new delivery date also apply to me?
A: The estimated delivery dates on our website apply to the time that you opened the page.The estimated bike delivery dates on our website are valid at the time of your current visit to our website. They are therefore relevant for new orders that have not yet been placed. If you have already ordered your bike in advance, the information on the delivery date on your order confirmation applies. If the delivery date of the bike you have ordered changes, we will inform you by email and you will receive an adapted order confirmation.
Q: Which countries does Hepha ship to?
A: We currently only deliver within Germany.
Q: What special considerations do I have to take into account when shipping my e-bike?
A: Our e-bike shipping partner is SIMPLELOGISTIK. Once your order has shipped, we will send you a confirmation email. This does not contain a tracking number – SIMPLELOGISTIK will reach out to you by phone or email to arrange a delivery date.
Before sending your e-bike to us for returns or servicing, please always contact us first.
Q:How can I track the status of my order?
A: You can track the status of your order using our tracking system.
Q: Can I have my order delivered on a specific day?
A: Once your order has shipped we will send you a confirmation email containing a tracking link and estimated delivery date. From the point of shipment, we no longer have control of when your order will be delivered. To get the latest information on your delivery, enter your tracking number on the SIMPLELOGISTIK website. You can also see the average delivery times of our shipping service providers in advance on our shipping information page.
Q:Checking for delivery damages
A:If your bike has been damaged during delivery, please take photos of the damages and notify us immediately after the arrival of the shipment (within one week) with a description, photos, or videos.
If you receive a damaged box or a box transported sideways, we suggest you refuse to accept the delivery overall. If you already opened the box, send us a description and photos or videos of the state of the box and bike.


Q: Where can I take a test ride?
A: We offer you the opportunity to test-drive our e-bikes in your area for up to 14 days.

We will refund you if the cancellation is made within 14 days of the date of purchase.

We also expressly advise you to keep the original shipping packaging within the return period of 14 days in order to ensure a problem-free return.

If this is not the case, it is up to you to organize suitable shipping packaging.


A: SHIMANO STEPS is Shimano’s e-bike system. STEPS stands for SHIMANO Total Electric Power System.
Q: How fast does a SHIMANO STEPS equipped Hepha e-bike go?
A: All e-bikes in the EU provide support up to 25 km/h, a speed limit imposed by EU law. As long as the e-bike’s support adheres to this limit, it is considered a normal bike.
Q: Does my e-bike require license or registration?
A: Hepha e-bikes require no driver’s license or registration.
Q: Is the SHIMANO STEPS system waterproof?
A: Yes, the SHIMANO STEPS system is waterproof for use under normal riding conditions, including heavy rain. Please do not use a high pressure washer to clean your bike.
Q: Can I tune my SHIMANO STEPS to increase the power-assist speed limit?
A: Due to strict regulations governing e-bikes, it is neither allowed nor recommended to alter the speed of your SHIMANO STEPS e-bike. The regulations are set in place to avoid dangerous situations.
Q: Does the motor stop generating assist power at 25 km/h (20mph)?
A: It will gradually decline the assistance when the speed is over 25km/h.


Q: Can I remove the battery for charging?
A: Yes, with the key you can easily remove it and charge it everywhere.
Q: Can I still pedal if the battery is empty?
A: Yes, but you won’t get any support from the motor. As e-bikes are heavier than normal bikes, it’s best to avoid these situations.
Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?
A: For a 504 Wh battery, using a 4A charger, it will take 2.5 hours to charge your battery up to 80%. For a complete charge, it takes 5 hours.
Q: What happens if the battery runs out?
A: If the battery is empty and it no longer supports the motor, you can simply continue riding like a normal bike.
Q: Can I lock the battery?
A: Yes. There is a keylock included which you can use to lock and unlock the battery on the bike.
Q: Battery range of Hepha ebikes?
A: When you ride a Hepha ebike trekking 3.0 with SHIMANO STEPS E7000, you can reach up to 140 KM on one full charge. With the SHIMANO STEPS E8000, the range tops out at 100 KM. Keep in mind, though, that variables such as terrain (hilly/mountainous) or weather (strong winds) can significantly affect this distance.
Q: Long-term battery storage?
A: Store in a indoor place with stable temperature between approximately 10 to 20°C.
No direct exposure to sunlight or rain.
Charge battery to around 70% before store it.
Every six months, charge battery to around 70% .
Fully charge it before using battery again.
Q: How fast will battery capacity decrease?
A: As with every modern battery, capacity will decrease due to charging. Shimano guarantees a remaining battery capacity of 60% after 1000 charge times.
Q: Do I need to discharge the battery completely before recharging to expand battery life?
A: No, as this will not affect battery life. Simply charge your battery any time you feel you need it.
Q: My battery is empty. Do I need to charge it right away?
A: You need to charge it back up to 70% if you plan to directly store your bike for six months or more. Otherwise, if you plan to use your bike in the very near future, simply charge the battery before your next ride.
Q: Will the display still work if the battery is empty?
A: Yes. When riding with an empty battery, the ride-assist will stop but there will always be some extra ‘bring me home’ energy to run the display as well as bike lights.
Q: Does pedaling recharge the battery?
A: No. Pedaling the bike does not recharge the battery.


Q: Can I change the front and tail light of a Hepha e-bike?
A: Yes, but please change to lights of the same specification.
Q: Can the taillight and headlight be connected to the power supply somehow?
A: Yes, the headlight and the taillight can be connected to the drive unit.
Q: How the light works properly?
A: Turn on Shimano display and look for the light ON/OFF option under setting menus.
Press Support-X or Support-Y to select the required setting.
Press the function button to confirm the setting.
Q: What does “walk assist” mean on Hepha e-bikes?
A: Walk mode is available. For example, if you push your e-bike in a mountainous area or through a shopping mall, and the e-bike becomes too heavy for you, you can turn on walk assist. One push of a button and your e-bike will drive slowly by your side. This will make it easier for you to push.
Q: How many assist modes are available for E8000/E7000 series?
A: 4 Modes are available (BOOST, TRAIL, ECO and WALK)
Q: Has Hepha e-bike a derailleur or a hub gear?
A: SHIMANO 10-speed derailleur.
Q: Can I change the gear combinations?
A: No, you can’t. Only OEM manufacturers or SHIMANO can change the gear combination.
Q: Can I replace the chain ring or cassette sprocket with same gear combinations?
A: Yes, you can.
Q: Is the locking function of the suspension fork available?
A: Yes.
Q: Is the handlebar adjustable?
A: Yes, the handlebar height can be adjusted. The angle can also be adjusted.
Q: How much does a Hepha e-bike weigh?
A: 24.5 kg.
Q: How much is the maximum load of an electric bicycle?
A: The maximum load of electric bicycle is 130kg (driver & luggage).
Q: Are the wheel hubs quick releases or thru axles?
A: Two wheel hubs are quick releases.

Warranty & Return guarantee

Q: How do I return the e-bikes?
A: The registration of an e-bike return is particularly important, since the shipment must always be registered as a dangerous good. Please return all products specified for return. The return shipment is made via SIMPLELOGISTIK. Once you have registered your return, a SIMPLELOGISTIK representative will contact you by phone or email to arrange a date for collection. Please note that an exact time cannot be arranged. Usually, you can choose the pickup time in the morning or afternoon.
Q: What do I have to send back?
A: The return must include all accessories. All extras and original components included, including the charger and tools, must be returned in their original condition.
The bike must be returned in its original packaging. We expressly recommend that you keep the original packaging within the return period of 14 days in order to guarantee a problem-free return.
Q: Do I have to pack my e-bike specially?
A: E-bikes with batteries are a class 9 hazardous material, so you need special packaging. Of course, you can return the e-bike in the original shipping carton, as this complies with the regulations. Please make sure that the battery is installed in the e-bike for shipping.
Q: Can I return a defective e-bike battery?
A: Please note that seriously damaged e-bike batteries must not be returned under any circumstances.
Q: How can I dispose of my e-bike battery?
A: We would like to ask you to take a photo of the battery with the serial number. This is located on the bottom. You can usually hand in your defective battery at local recycling centers. You can find more information about disposal points on the website http://www.grs-batterien.de/. Often, local hardware stores and e-bike dealers also offer the opportunity to receive the batteries and dispose of them properly.
Q: What costs do I have to pay in the event of a warranty claim?
A: When making a warranty claim you don’t have to pay any costs – neither for shipping, nor labour, nor parts.
Q: What kind of warranty and guarantee do I have on my Hepha e-bike?
A: You can find more information on the Warranty & Guarantee page.

Repair & Inspection & Maintenance

Q: How often should I have my e-bike serviced?
A: Due to the heavier frame weight and the greater forces caused by the electric drive, some components such as the chain can be replaced a little earlier than with a normal bike. We therefore advise you to have your e-bike serviced every six months.
Q: Where can I take my Hepha for service or inspection?
A: HEPHA only offers online purchases and does not offer inspection services now.
But you don’t need to worry at all, your e-bike can still enjoy the corresponding guarantee and warranty.
If you have any issues with your bike, please contact us to describe your problem in detail. We will send the related accessories and try to give you a satisfactory answer. You can go to your local bicycle shop to fix your e-bike and we will refund you if occurs any repair fees.
Q:Important maintenance tips for new owners
A:Keep your bike clean
One of the most important things is keeping your bike clean. Preventing dirt to settle will help the moving parts running smoothly and noise-free.
Regular maintenance does not take much time:
If you ride through the mud, you can let your bike dry and then brush off the dirt with a big, soft bristle brush.
Give your bike a nice cleaning every once in a while with water and soap — the power panel and motor housing are waterproof.
The power panel can be cleaned with some contact spray and an old toothbrush. Do not use anything metallic near the charging port!
Do not use pressure washers as they will remove the “good” grease on the bike.
Clean your chain before oiling it.
Q: General maintenance interval
A: Just cleaning the bike regularly contributes a lot to a long life of your e-bike, and you can do a few things yourself without much technical knowledge. Here we have put together a few tips to help you enjoy your e-bike for a long time.
The first important check-up should be done in a bicycle repair shop after 500 kilometres. We then recommend having your Hepha e-bike checked thoroughly in a bicycle workshop every 3,000 kilometres or at a minimum once a year. Any bicycle repair shop can carry out such an inspection.
Q: How to take care of your chain
A: Check if the chain has lengthened over time – this can be done with specific tools, or at any local bike shop
Make sure that your chain is always sufficiently oiled. This not only protects the chain from premature wear but also protects the entire drive system.
If the chain feels dry, clean it with a dry cloth first and then oil it with chain oil. To do this, turn the pedals backward so that the chain oil is evenly distributed.
The belt drive does not need chain oil but should be cleaned regularly with an old toothbrush, clean water, and soap.
Avoid contact between the lubricant and disc brake, brake pads, and rims.